Silen Space Max

Manufacturer: Silen

This space is a real crowd pleaser, because that’s what it does. Big ideas need a big and spacious environments. Silen Space Max is the space for your whole team to brainstorm new ideas or hold meetings and seminars for extended periods.

  • Less Noise
    Outside noise doesn’t get in and all your conversations stay private.
  • Fresh Atmosphere
    The air is recycled every minute guaranteeing fresh air for even longer meetings.
  • Wheel Around
    The Space can easily be relocated around the office. It can even be wheeled into a recess.
  • Antibacterial Solutions
    If you request the antibacterial solution, you can be assured that every surface is safe – from the door handles to the fabric of the sofas.
  • Energy-Efficient
    Presence detector controls the LED lights to save energy.
  • Easy Video Conferencing
    Just connect your laptop with the screen and you are ready to go!

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