Silen Space 4

Manufacturer: Silen

Silen Space 4 is the optimal space to hold your brainstorming sessions and easily accommodates up to eight people. The space is also effective for small team building exercises and important meetings. Our Silen Space 4 pods are for when you really need to block everything out. Silen Space 4 has been recorded to have the industry-leading sound reduction; our Silen Space 4 can empower you to block out almost as much as an eclipse does.

  • Endless Customisation Options
    With so many finishing options, your Space will fit right in.
  • Less Noise
    Outside noise doesn’t get in and all your conversations stay private.
  • Wheel Around
    The Space can easily be relocated around the office. It can even be wheeled into a recess
  • Fresh Air
    The air is recycled every minute guaranteeing fresh air for even longer meetings.
  • Energy-Efficient
    Presence detector controls the LED lights to save energy.
  • Antibacterial Solutions
    If you request the antibacterial solution, you can be assured that every surface is safe – from the door handles to the fabric of the sofas.

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