WEV Icicle

Manufacturer: Barbican

Discover the WĒV™ Icicle. A sliver of pure dazzling light, the Icicle is a brilliant 1” diameter glass tube wrapped in fiberglass strands. In its classic white form, it is a high output fixture able to provide enough light to be the primary source in a space, offering 1200 lumens per foot. Use colour and other embellishments for more decorative applications. Part of the WĒV™ Collection, the Icicle uses 3D printing techniques which provides consistency both in finish and quality. As a lightweight pendant, the Icicle can be suspended by only a power cord for most lengths, which range from 4” – 60” (nominal). With a palette of colours varying from vibrant to pastel, along with optional colour matching, the WĒV™ Icicle allows the brilliance of ice to sparkle in any shade. Hang Icicles horizontally or vertically as individual pendants, or create clusters of different lengths to form a unique focal point. If you’re looking to design artistic or geometric configurations, see our preconfigured WĒV™ Icicle shapes. As a washable fixture, it’s perfect for retail and hospitality environments. Low-cost solutions are available, contact us for more information.

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