Triple Devo

Manufacturer: Barbican

Triple Devo, the 3-layered circular based fixture, brings more layers and depth to your space than the Double Devo. With hundreds of material options, Barbican’s Triple Devo can add a pop of colour to brighten any room. Our lamination process strengthens the fabric making it harder to damage during installation as well as allowing it to be easily cleaned and disinfected. The Triple Devo is available with three mounting options: stem mount, or aircraft cable with black or white cord. (For surface mounted version, please see the Triple Devo Surface.) Please note that the Height option refers to the top drum, which can range in height from 8” to 18”. Standard heights are 4″ for the middle drum and 3″ for the bottom drum. With a wide variety of diameters and LED sources, the Triple Devo can fit the culture of your space, whether it is a modern restaurant or a high-functioning office.

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