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ThinkingQuietly – Gibson Interior Products


In a lively setting, ThinkingQuietly’s range of acoustic furniture turns the volume down on peripheral sound. Noticeably reducing reverberation and improving the acoustic conditions in the office, the ThinkingQuietly range extends to workstations, tables and accessories. With acoustic engineers assisting in the design process, a signature material was developed to create a balanced acoustic environment, while also ensuring a sophisticated and unique design outcome suitable for the modern workplace.

The felt-like acoustic material is fabricated from compressed recycled plastic, and gives warmth to contemporary design. Workstations are available with front privacy panels and a mobile briefcase that can be placed between users. Cable trays utilize the same material to conceal power and data, reducing floor level noise. Escape the noise; embrace the quiet. ThinkingQuietly was awarded the Red Dot Award for Design 2018, one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide.

ThinkingQuietly is the winner of the 2017 HiP Award for Workplace Desking, and a 2017 Best of Year Honoree.