Manufacturer: Barbican

With hundreds of material options, the Tapir can add a pop of colour to brighten any room. With a difference of 6″ from top to bottom diameters, the Tapir is Barbican’s hybrid between our Cone fixture and the Drum. Made with our specialized laminated shade material, the Tapir is durable and less prone to damage during installation and day-to-day interactions than a traditional fabric shade. Fully enclosed and washable, any dirt or debris can be disinfected and quickly wiped away, making it suitable for interiors with high sanitary requirements such as healthcare and food service facilities. With a height of 10 inches, the Tapir can add new dimension to an environment. With a variety of diameters and LED sources, the Elliptic can fit the culture of your space, whether it is a modern restaurant or a high-functioning office.

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