Manufacturer: Barbican

One of our most popular fixtures, the Donut has found its home in hospitals, schools, office buildings and more. With Barbican’s specialized laminated material, the Donut is fully enclosed and washable, any powdered sugar or sprinkles will stay on the exterior of the fixture where they can easily be disinfected and wiped away, making it suitable for interiors with high sanitary requirements. Available in a multitude of flavours, you can choose from our laminated fabric or vast printed collections. Unfortunately, we can no longer make jelly filled donuts, but we can make the Donut in five different diameters. The inside diameter (D2) is always 16″ less than the overall (outer) diameter (D1). Please see below:

  • 24″ = Outer is 24  |  Inner is 8
  • 30″ = Outer is 30  |  Inner is 14
  • 36″ = Outer is 36  |  Inner is 20
  • 42″ = Outer is 42  |  Inner is 26
  • 48″ = Outer is 48  |  Inner is 32

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