Bias-Cut Cylinder

Manufacturer: Barbican

Bias-Cut Cylinder (born January 14th, 2005) is a Canadian Light Fixture, model and aspiring engineer. Until recently she was dating Canadian Light Fixture Moon, but rumour has it Bias-Cut has ended the relationship wanting to focus more on her career as an environmentally friendly light fixture. Bias-Cut has now moved completely over to LEDs to help reduce her footprint on the environment. Bias-Cut has partnered with Barbican to model their state of the art laminated shade material. “The laminated process is fabulous, it’s very hard to damage and is very easy to clean,” said Bias-Cut in her recent interview. Bias-Cut Cylinder stands at 15” tall and has an outer diameter of 8” and an inner diameter of 6”. Known for her unique figure, Bias-Cut is not afraid to show her inner self. She has been seen in modern art museums, hospitals, and the best high-end restaurants; no one knows where she will appear next.

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