Manufacturer: Artopex

A solution for open spaces

AxelTM is the newest generation of tile systems furniture by Artopex for the design of open spaces. Inspired and ingenious, this cohesive solution creates spaces imbued with authenticity and movement.

  • Axel offers innovative workstation configurations that naturally combine individual and collaborative work.

  • Pavilions allow to design meeting zones, respite rooms, private office, etc.

  • The extended choice of finishes (laminate, felt, acrylic and fabric) provides high design flexibility.

  • Ambient noise management is improved with the acoustic fabric and felt tiles, and the slated ceilings with acoustic felt.

  • Axel offers efficient electrical wiring and cable management.

  • A new Grade A fabric card, available at competitive prices, is now offered to customize tiles.

  • Certified GREENGUARD.

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