Crono is an electrical height-adjustable system featuring freestanding desks and benches.The elevation is controlled by a push-button that is secured under the work surface, also available in the programmable version with the possibility to store up to 4 positions in height.

Ibis Bench

The leg stops before the mid span and forms a 90° angle under the work surface to give the structure additional strength. Visual seated height privacy screens are secured from under the work surface which further supports the clean lines of Ibis. Screens come in acrylic or fabric.


Ibis is designed for modern and functional office. Slim lines are enhanced by the edge profile which is 1 1/4″ followed by the slim leg profile which is a square metal structure and is manufactured from 1/16″ thick steel. The actual leg width measurement is 1 3/16″.


Panel based Atlante features standing height work ports, open, shared or closed storage units, raised and floating shelves to help keep the full work surface free from clutter. Slim work stations in mixed colors eliminate “panel creep” while creating adequate space per each user. Seated height visual privacy screens in a variety of mixed materials […]

Titano Desk

Titano is defined by its bold, austere and inherently elegant design. The very best of Italian tailor made solutions with exquisite execution and attention to the details. Layered look and feel along with a tapered minimal metal reveal at the leg. Titano, while remaining exclusive, adds personality with pops of color using acrylics featured by […]